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Ninth Circuit Victory for Airline Passengers
Hewell Law Firm, associating with Thatcher Stone of the Stone Law Firm of
New York recently won a significant preemption decision before the United
States Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit,
Ginsberg v. Northwest, Inc., 653
F.3d 1033 (2011), in which the Ninth Circuit reversed a dismissal by the trial
court and held that the purpose, history, and language of the Airline
Deregulation Act, along with Supreme Court and Ninth Circuit precedent,
lead the court to conclude that the ADA did not preempt a contract claim
based on the doctrine of good faith and fair dealing. The decision is pending a
request for rehearing/rehearing en banc by the airlines.
Now Handling Bankruptcy
Hewell Law Firm, which has traditionally focused on plaintiff's litigation, has
expanded its practice to include bankruptcies. In the past, clients who
required the protection afforded by bankruptcy were referred to an excellent
Southern California bankruptcy practice which has worked closely with
Hewell Law Firm to coordinate their respective efforts on behalf of the client.
However, with the economic downturn, an increasing number of our clients
have had to pursue bankruptcy, and have expressed a desire to have their
litigation and bankruptcy handled by a single firm. In order to meet this need,
Hewell Law Firm has expanded its practice to include bankruptcy as well as

Ginsberg v. Northwest, Inc., 653 F.3d 1033 (2011),Ginsberg v. Northwest, Inc.,
Case No. 09-56986 (9th Cir., Aug. 5, 2011) (pending request for rehearing and
en banc review)

Williams v. Gerber Products Co., 552 F.3d 934 (9th Cir., 2008)

Thies v. Law Offices of William A. Wyman, et al. (S.D. Cal., 1997) 969 F.Supp.

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Notable Cases

“I have had the privilege of knowing Hal for almost 20 years. Hal is a man of great integrity and a true example of all that
can be good in the legal profession. We have consulted on cases before, and I can say without reservation that Hal's
knowledge of the law, and his experience as a lawyer make him well qualified to assist those in need of legal services. I
strongly recommend Hal.” December 15, 2011
Mick Meagher, Esq.